Pro-Life Action Meeting

The Ad Hoc Committee  met regarding South Carolina prolife bill H5399 and has passed consideration of this bill to the full judiciary committee. This bill recommends a ban on abortion without the exceptions of rape, incest, and fetal anomalies. It does allow for the life of the mother as an exception with a specific definition of the health of the mother. It also criminalizes the doctor’s role, but has moved from a 20 year penalty to a 2 year penalty.
My position on this bill is we should do everything possible to save the mother’s and baby’s life, and we should penalize all parties/participants/accomplices in the same manner as any murder is penalized in the state of South Carolina. Nevertheless, if this bill passes in its current state, the bill should effectively close all abortion mills in South Carolina, which is one of our ultimate objectives although it may not be a fully just bill.
It is imperative that we as God’s people should pray earnestly at this critical junction – that God would direct the hearts and minds of our legislators towards life. Remember that God directs the hearts of kings as easily as He directs the rivers in their courses. (Proverbs 21:1). It is also important for us to begin NOW to contact the members of the judiciary committee to press them to pass this bill without exceptions/amendments. Below is their contact info. Our understanding is the House plans to expedite this process, but I don’t know exactly when they plan to meet.
As many of you have heard me say, our legislators don’t see the light until they feel the heat. Our objective is oh-so-close. “Let us strike while the iron is hot and keep it hot by striking it.”

—Robert E. Jackson, Jr., M.D.

SC House Judiciary Committee Members: